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Re: netscape, and gnome

On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 09:46:12PM +0300, tf wrote:
> hey guys,
> two problems that I've just been living with...
> 1.  netscape won't open cgi pages.  I have a message board and one of
> those fake chat rooms that come up pretty much blank.  Could it be that
> I'm using somehow microsoft-specific cgi scripts?

netscape is not responsible for opening cgi. the remote server runs them and
then sends html to netscape. check the server config (if thats your server),
or check html source with netscape to see what confuses it, or try opening
with lynx and see if that gives you something. does the page show up correctly
with IE?

> 2. I got gnome from netgod.  the displays in all the "sample" wms is
> corrupted.  especially enlightenment.  "corrupted" in that a giant blop
> follows the cursor around, and parts of the display sort of repeat
> themselves along the top of the screen. (enlightenment is actually
> doubled)  Blackbox, prior to my gnome attempt, never did such things.

never had that but my gnome experience was about 1 hour long (with wmaker).


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