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Re: whois server?

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999 16:37:10 +0200, Jean-Yves BARBIER wrote:

>I just found that whois isn't working because nic.ddn.mil, the default
>reverse server doesn't exist, do you know which server I could use?

I use the following script to query the different whois servers which are in 
charge depending on which continent the target machine is located. It shows 
the whois servers I'm aware of.

============== 8x ================
whois "$*@whois.ripe.net"
whois "$*@whois.apnic.net"
whois "$*@whois.arin.net"
whois "$*@whois.networksolutions.com"
whois "$*@rs.internic.net"
============== 8x ================

Usage is as follows:

    mywhois <target>



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