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more mail and security..

Thanks a lot (Michael)...

That makes sense.  I tend to get a bit paranoid (as if I was blind and fearful of tripping).  

I've given myself alot of stuff to practice.  Since I don't really understand mail, I just tried to work around it--now I've got 
lots of different mail packages installed that I want to get rid of.  Actually, mutt-exim-fetchmail would be fine, but I don't 
quite understand it.

with mail clients in general, you must specify a pop and smtp server. now, with exim, (or any mta?) I am the smtp server, 
right?  I wrote a test message with mutt, and it arrived, but identified me as only  "root".  so do I have to give myself an 
alias, or what?  

What's keeping me from having a header that reads, me@mymachine.somthing, as opposed to me@myisp.com?
I've seen the "percent hack" at work in someone elses header..is that what I need to use?

Thanks for your patience...I'm an idiot!


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