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Re: X crashes on start-up

I'll try the upgrade. I had heard there was one on an ftp site (something like ftp.mokole.com), but when I logged on there was a message that nothing would be made available for download.

I tried the xf86config again last night, and set the mouse port to /dev/psaux. That did the trick. But the video resolution is quite terrible and cannot be switched with control+alt++/-. There's nothing in the XF86Config file to indicate why, but I'll try the new XFree and see what happens.


>>> Taupter <taupter@baydenet.com.br> 9/7/99 4:41:04 PM >>>
> I have Debian 2.1. After installation the console works fine but X does not. When I startx, I will get a teal screen at a very low resolution, with the mouse pointing to the left. Then everything freezes. If I hit a key, I get a beep. I must go to a virtual terminal to shutdown.
> All other distributions thus far (Mandrake 6.0 and Slackware 4.0) have worked flawlessly. Incidentally, so has Red Hat 5.2, which was based on the 2.0.35 kernel.

I think that it is brecause your video board is not supported at all by
XFree86 3.3.2. You shoud update your XFree86 packages to at least 3.3.3
(the recent version is 3.3.5). There are Debian packages of the 3.3.4 at

Could be better if you tell us your videoboard's model, memory, and some
other information about your hardware.


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