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Re: Why use Debian? Why not Red Hat?

On Sun, Sep 05, 1999 at 08:40:06AM -0400, David Teague wrote:
> On Fri, 3  Sep 1999, Paul McHale wrote:
> > If you have bizaar hardware, redhat (I believe) has more drivers. 
> > Redhat has more packages but this may be an arguement for alien. 
> Paul
> I have acquaintances who never did get X up under Red Hat using the
> SiS6326 card.  That card is apparently S3 based, but SiS does
> something really bizarre with it.
> However, one of my students got X up (late last
> winter) with Debian after a bit of fiddling. He replaced the 3.3.2 X
> server with the server, then modified the XF86config file to
> make the thing work well. 
> I understand that RH 6 has 3.3.3 X. I don't know about specific
> SiS6326 support. 
> I would like to have a comparison of device support available from
> Red Hat with that from Debian. Can you address this?  Or perhaps
> someone on this list can answer this.

Red Hat tends to release with newer stuff than Debian--of course it is
often partially broken, which tends to indicate that they do less
testing before release. Debian unstable has newer versions of packages
than the stable version (such as X 3.3.4). 

You can also find newer versions of Debian slink (stable) packages in
proposed-updates or at places like (put this in /etc/apt/sources.listg):

deb http://ftp.netgod.net/ x/

You will find X 3.3.3 here, for instance.


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