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Re: Fetchmail not exiting in ip-down

  I'll assume that /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/fetchmail is executable.  You
might try adding some paths in the script.  I saw this in an example,
but I'm not sure why they would be necessary.

export $PATH
su -c 'fetchmail --quit' <whomever>

I recently wrote a couple tiny scripts in my home directory that call
pon/poff and the proper invocation of fetchmail. I think it'd be nice
if pppconfig could be run by regular users and all of the necessary
configs for accounts could live in each user's home directory. Then a
user could connect to their personal account via a script named after
the account with on "up/down" or "on/off" argument. Of course, there
should probably be and /etc/pppconfig file that would enable/disable
this.  The initial interface settings and modem initialization should
probably remain configurable only by root, but users could then be
responsible for maintaining their ISP account info (phone, user,
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