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Fetchmail not exiting in ip-down

Hi gang,

I, like many of us here prolly, use fetchmail to grab my mail when I'm
online. As such, I've set up scripts in ip-up.d to start up fetchmail as
me to get my mail, and another in ip-down.d to stop fetchmail again when
I log off.

My script in ip-up.d looks like this:

/bin/su -c '/usr/bin/fetchmail -d 300 --syslog -F -K -a --smtpaddress \
rei' damon

Which works fine, and grabs all my mail, using my ~/.fetchmailrc

My script in ip-down.d looks like this:

su -c '/usr/bin/fetchmail --quit' damon

This one doesn't seem to work at all. After I log off, the fetchmail
process is still working, and I see fetchmail messages in my xconsole.

This isn't a huge problem, but it *should* work, I would have thought.

Anyone have any suggestions (yes, the script is executable, and it works
if I call it manually from root...)



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