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RE: Video For Linux

>Does any one have any experence with video4linux, or really what I am
>looking for is bttv.  I have a ADS Tech Channel surfer (w/o the radio), it
>has a BT848 chip set.  I tried the drivers in the 2.2.12 kernel with out
>any luck (I am using xawtv out of potato), I then grabed the latest source
>from the BTTV home page
>(http://www.thp.uni-koeln.de/~rjkm/linux/bttv.html).  I did not edit the
>makefile because my card was not listed, so I just compiled, and installed
>the modules.  Now I have video, but it's B&W, and I don't have sound (this
>could be a OSS problem?).  I have made all the odvous changes in xawtv
>(set every thing to NTSC and Cable) but I still have only B&W, sound less
>video, can some one help?
i had no problem with getting my TV card to work in color
(Hauppauge WinTV Nicam) but i also had problems with the sound--
make sure that your sound card is installed properly on the right IRQ setting and kernal moduals-- try "insmod sound | less" and see what errors you get etc..
as for the Black & White problem, i have no suggestions--
if you do get the sound/color to work though and you have KDE, then try KwinTV which is really cool
i'm not sure if you get it on the debian disks because i had it during my suse installation
M Thurston

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