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Re: Video For Linux

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Matt Kopishke wrote:

I was using bttv last week with 2.2.4... but I had the <<brillant>> idea
to reinstall debian... and... also upgraded to 2.2.12. Well, all is ok,
but when I do "modprobe bttv card=6" the system crashes completly. Any

->Well, read the docs. You must pass the card parameter to bttv in order
it can recognize your card. Also, try to pass the type parameter to
tuner module (i'm using type 1). Perhaps is not properly setuped and you
see B/W.


> Does any one have any experence with video4linux, or really what I am
> looking for is bttv.  I have a ADS Tech Channel surfer (w/o the radio), it
> has a BT848 chip set.  I tried the drivers in the 2.2.12 kernel with out
> any luck (I am using xawtv out of potato), I then grabed the latest source
> from the BTTV home page 
> (http://www.thp.uni-koeln.de/~rjkm/linux/bttv.html).  I did not edit the
> makefile because my card was not listed, so I just compiled, and installed
> the modules.  Now I have video, but it's B&W, and I don't have sound (this
> could be a OSS problem?).  I have made all the odvous changes in xawtv
> (set every thing to NTSC and Cable) but I still have only B&W, sound less
> video, can some one help?
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