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Re: time conversions

*- On  3 Sep, Chad A. Adlawan wrote about "time conversions"
> hello everyone !!!
>   this is a non-debian specific question and i hope ull bear w/ me on this ...
[long line wrapped]
>   can someone suggest to me any nice documents re converting time for major 
    timezones ?  UTC, PDT, PST (whatever those are), GMT, PHT (my timezone, 
    the only one i know) ...
>   thanks a lot ...

UTC = universal coordinate time(English translation of French 
    = GMT = Greenwich mean time 
PDT = UTC - 7 = Pacific daylight time (west coast of USA in summer) 
PST = UTC - 8 = Pacific standard time (west coast of USA in winter) 
PHT = UTC + 8 = Philippines(Asia/Manila)

A quick search on google.com turned up the following.

There is a decent map at 
http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/tzones.html as well as conversion tools.

And a pretty thorough conversion tools at 

I couldn't find any list of all 3 letter timezone abbreviations, I
think they are non-standard sometimes.

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