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Re: Netscape (wishlist/ buglist & such)

> Just a comment on this one. Netscape (and other browsers) do exactly that.
> However, if the image tags are not accompanied by "width" and "height"
> parameters, Netscape can not render the page until the image headers are
> downloaded and known. It would be really slow for it to re-render the page
> after every image, since it changes the page flow and table sizes, etc..

Hmmm... there's a good point there... ;-)

But, are you positive that Netscape does that? I ask because of one of the things
that nags me most in Netscape Mail: sometimes I receive a HTML e-mail w/ images (for
instance, an info clipping of some kind) and, if I press 'stop' too soon (in less
that, say, 30s) it seems to load only part of the text... ;-/



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