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Having upgraded, which kernel?? 2.2.10, or 11, or ...

I'm ready to compile a new kernel, moving up from 2.0.36 after just
upgrading to potato.  Searching the archives showed one letter recently
espousing 2.2.11, but little else was found.  I'm on a home system with
no fancy stuff (486-66, SB16Vibra and an HP scanner/Adapt. 152x card).  When (IF) I 
upgrade at work I'll need Olicom token-ring support (need to check with them
re: this) and a working dhcp client (ISC's version works right now).

Does anyone have strong misgivings about the 2.2.x kernels?  If 2.2.11 Is
the greatest, is there a deb package?  I'd far prefer that over anything
else, as I teach chemistry as a career, not CS.  :)

Thanks for any input!


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