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Netscape (wishlist/ buglist & such)

Hi there,

    I know this isn't the most appropriate place for that, but... What's
the 'right' way to send bugs and/or wishlists about Netscape, posting it
straight to Netscape or sending them to the Debian netscape package

    As I've noticed there's a lot of people talking about Netscape here,
I'll send you a *brief* summary of the most common bugs and of the
wishlist I'll post'em... This might be interesting for the Mozilla
development group, too, don't you think?

*Most common bugs:
Segfaults & Bus errors seem to be very common (to me and to others)

- Closing the original browser window (IF you started NS from a browser

- Sending a user/password pair;

- In WindowMaker, if you set the child windows to open on the same
window as their parents, when Netscape tries to create a new window, if
you're NOT in that workspace, ciao baby!

- The already famous 'mailto:' bug

- HTML mail isn't THAT well supported either, as when you delete them or
while you're editing them Netscape seems to be MUCH more prone to


- Netscape should learn from Opera & include buttons that allowed one to
control the loading of images and the processing of Java & JavaScript
for each window (on the individual browsers AND on the mail window)!

- Both in the browser & in the mail subsystems, images should be loaded
AFTER the whole text/HTML code has been loaded (and displayed)....

And last, but not least... Is it just me or everyone's noticed that
Netscape's MIME encoding/decoding is just TOO slow???

Ciao all!

Guilherme Zahn

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