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Re: Yamaha sound

> i got a Yamaha sound card but I can't manage to load sound as a module,
> because i don't know exactly which card it is... Is there a way to get
> the irq, dma, and such things it uses ? I also run NT but I neither can
> find these informations there...


    Well... it seems it is either a on-board card that uses a Yamaha chipset or a 'SB
compatible' that uses the OPL3-SA? chipset (where ? can be 1,2 or x - chipsets code
YMF 771, 715 & 719, respectively). The latter ones are easily supported by Linux
using the OPL3-SAx PnP module... To find out what you should try, there's two tools:

1) For ISA cards, try using pnpdump... the best way to use it is to redirect it's
output to a file (eg. '$pnpdump >isapnp.conf.tst') and then use this file as an input
to isapnp (for that purpose, copying that file as /etc/isapnp.conf should be enough).

2) For PCI boards, try 'cat /proc/pci'...

And good luck!

Guilherme Zahn

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