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Re: Setting up Soundcard

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, B. Szyszka wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a Sound Blaster AWE64 sound card and am looking for
> pointers on what I need to do to set it up on Debian Linux. What
> programs would I need? I have the latest KDE version (1.1.1 I
> believe) with the various programs for playing multimedia files,
> but don't have my soundcard configured yet.


	As suggested in other msg, the kernel docs for AWE is very good.
This means that you'll have to recompile your kernel. I would suggest you
to get a 2.2.x kernel (x != 3). 
	Following the kernel instructions I was able to set my AWE32 w/o
problem. The only concern is about BIOS. If your bios has option for
PnP OS, set this to NO. After this, all is working fine for me.

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