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Re: Netscape (Bus error again) with xswallow


I had similar problems. On my machine the new libc5 version of netscape would 
also immediately crash with a bus error. I solved this on seeing your mail by
moving my ~/.netscape to some other directory. However, I do not use xswallow,
so it is problably some more general problem with netscape. This also partially
answers my own mail about problems with the libc5 version of netscape.

I also tested the libc5 version of netscape on slink (sharing /home and
therefore also ~/.netscape). This also gives a bus error. However, the
ldd output is different on slink and potato. On potato is says it does not
find libg++.so.27 and libstdc++.so.27, it uses both libc5 and libc6 and
it uses the X-libraries from /usr/X11R6/lib.

On slink it does find libg++.so.27 and libstdc++.so.27, it only uses libc5 and
it uses the X-libraries from /usr/lib/libc5-compat.

The behaviour on slink looks better to me, but I do not know if the behaviour
of potato is really wrong. It does seem to work after getting rid of 

Hope this helps somebody to further clarify this. I am still puzzled.

Christian van Enckevort

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