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Re: Machine freezes with xdm but not startx

> Hi,
> I have an S3 ViRGE GX (if I remember right) 'vedio' card manuf. by SIIG,
> and I had a similar problem at times with it. My current configuration is
> running XFree86 from netgod, using the S3V X server. I'm also
> using kernel 2.2.10 with the SVGA framebuffer for text console, because
> svgatextmode likes to hard lock my system. Mine seems to work fine with or
> without framebuffer enabled.
> Hope this sheds some light for you.

Just curious, is your S3 ViRGE GX a VESA 2.0 compliant? I don't know. I've been using S3 ViRGE/VX for a while but I couldn't get frame buffer console to work because this card is only VESA 1.2 compliant. I used to use XF86_SVGA from potato, which is now 3.4 with no problem.

Not until last week when I stat to patch kernel 2.2.12 with S3/Vesa1.2 frame buffer patch. I got frame buffer running on ViRGE/VX. But I have to swith to XF86_S3V instead. XF86_SVGA just behaves strangely when I switch console, there are some error in accelerate code with pathced framebuffer.


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