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Machine freezes with xdm but not startx


A while ago I posted to this list a question about the fact that my
machine completely freezes up on a regular basis (with a pretty pattern
of stripes on the screen) when I start X with xdm, but works fine when I
start it with startx. I got a reply in a private email from someone
who's address I've lost (sorry!) asking me whether by any chance I had
an S3VirGE DX graphics card, which I do (at least according to
SuperProbe). I was just wondering if that person (or anyone else) has
made any progress on tracking down or fixing this problem, because I'd
love to get my machine running xdm again... startx is so much clumsier.

If more information about my system would help just let me know! (I can
give software configuration information very quickly, but hardware
information may take a while to figure out unless there's some command,
like SuperProbe, that will tell me).


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