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Disk Druid


>From Win98 with Partition Magic, I have resized my partition and
made room for a partition I'll use for /var . In Red Hat, I had the option
to use Disk Druid, format the partitions I wanted as Linux partitions,
and set their mount points. I'm having trouble finding Disk Druid for
Debian. I have FDisk, but that doesn't let me choose the mount point.

A related question. When after Debian is setup I create a partition
for /var and set the mount point for it, will all the stuff that was in
/var before get moved to the new partition? Or should I make a copy
of /var first, then create the partition with the mount point, and copy
the stuff back to /var .

If I can't have Disk Druid, are there any alternatives? What about a
graphical partitioning program like Partition Magic that'll work in KDE?

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