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Re: Disk Druid

"B. Szyszka" wrote:
> Hello,
> >From Win98 with Partition Magic, I have resized my partition and
> made room for a partition I'll use for /var . In Red Hat, I had the option
> to use Disk Druid, format the partitions I wanted as Linux partitions,
> and set their mount points. I'm having trouble finding Disk Druid for
> Debian. 
This is probably a good thing.  I have found Disk Druid a hindrance. 
I've gotten to stages where the "nice" interface just didn't let me do
what I needed to do.
>I have FDisk, but that doesn't let me choose the mount point.
> A related question. When after Debian is setup I create a partition
> for /var and set the mount point for it, will all the stuff that was in
> /var before get moved to the new partition? Or should I make a copy
> of /var first, then create the partition with the mount point, and copy
> the stuff back to /var .
Mmmm, no, a little backwards.  

shutdown (to get to single-user mode)
mv /var /newvar
mkdir /var
use cfdisk to create your new partition
edit /etc/fstab to point the partition to the /var mount point
mount -a (to get the new partition mounted)
cp -a /newvar/* /var/ (verify the syntax on this)
shutdown -r (reboot)

*If everything looks good*, rm -rf /newvar

Need I emphasize, *verify* each step above before you go on to the next

Of course, if you have to resize some partitions to add the new one,
you'll have to use PartitionMagic, AFAIK, or reinstall Debian and
destroy any stuff you've done.

(I'm assuming in the above you already have Debian installed.  The
installation process will automatically map the mount points to the
partitions, if you do it right).
> If I can't have Disk Druid, are there any alternatives? What about a
> graphical partitioning program like Partition Magic that'll work in KDE?
You don't need a graphical program to map partitions to mount points. 
fstab is your friend.  Partition Magic gives you non-destructive
resizes, but Disk Druid does not.

In answer to your last question, no, AFAIK.

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