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Delay under X

Hi all,

It happens a very strange thing in my Debian distribution (now, it's
2.1/potato mixed) that I haven't noticed under others as RedHat, OpenLinux
or FreeBSD. The problem is that when I 'startx' it apperes the cross mouse
pointer and it's a big delay (some times to 10 secs) until X loads the
window manager, in my case, WindowMaker. I've tried fvwm also, and there
is that delay too. In other distributions, the window manager apperes
inmediatlly on screen.

Anybody knows what's happening ??

Many thanks.

Juli-Manel Merino Vidal
jmmv@mail.com - http://jmmv.cjb.net
        >>> Running Debian/GNU Linux 2.1

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