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exim.conf "headers_remove"

hi and thanks for taking the time to look at another exim question...

i am using exim together with mutt on a dial-up slink machine, and i have
modified the /etc/exim.conf per the Linux Gazette article by Jan Stumpel, as
suggested on this list previously.

everything works as described except the "headers_remove" seems to work
sometimes only. the final lines of the TRANSPORTS CONFIGURATION section of
my exim.conf file are:

	driver = smtp
	headers_remove = "sender"
	transport_filter = "/usr/local/bin/outfilt"

by sending various test mails, i know that sometimes at least the "sender"
header is successfully removed (or in any case, it doesn't appear on the
recipient's copy)...other times, the header:

Sender: london@pieno.panix.com

is included and mail is successfully delivered despite the fact that
london(my local username)@pieno(my local machine)panix.com(my isp) is a
non existent address...other times, the much more serious problem that 
mail leaves my machine (no indication of rejection in mainlog, rejectlog,
or paniclog) and never arrives at its destination occurs (without
notification to me).

thanks again for taking a look at this problem, and my apologies if the
solution has already been posted or is otherwise obviously evident. any
help will be appreciated.


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