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Problem with open_1.40-10_i386.deb

I'm a fairly satisfied Debian 2.1 user.  I recently installed the
open_1.40-10_i386.deb package in order to be able to run commands on other
VCs without having to log on to them first, and possible to put it in init
as outlined in various places (so that you can spawn a new VC with alt-up
etc.)  My problem is:  it plain doesn't work!  The new console pops up, but
the new console does not accept any input, nor is there any output.

If I do a ps af, I get:

 2585   2 S    0:01 -bash
 2879   2 R    0:00  \_ ps af
 2868   8 S    0:00 /bin/bash

(various garbage deleted.)

The VC which pops up is no. 8, and there does appear to be a bash
connected to it. What's up?

Another problem (although vastly less annoying) that I have had is
X related - when I close X (I use startx,) I am left with an "empty" VC.
My intution tells me that these might be related, though I wouldn't know.

Does anyone have a clue about what's going on?

Big Gaute

"Ferjestrekninger er i de fleste tilfelle et tegn på at det bor folk på
steder der det ikke burde bodd folk. Urbanisering er som i alle andre
tilfeller løsningen på problemet."
        Geir Hogro i no.prat.politikk, 1999

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