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Re: exim.conf "headers_remove"


I tried the same and worked.
I think a secure way of get the conversion  

home (non existent) email address ----> real email address is defining your
own From: header in your .muttrc:

my_hdr From: email-address

Try it and tell me if it works for you.


On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 12:27:25AM -0400, Peter Mickle wrote:
> hi and thanks for taking the time to look at another exim question...
> i am using exim together with mutt on a dial-up slink machine, and i have
> modified the /etc/exim.conf per the Linux Gazette article by Jan Stumpel, as
> suggested on this list previously.
> everything works as described except the "headers_remove" seems to work
> sometimes only. the final lines of the TRANSPORTS CONFIGURATION section of
> my exim.conf file are:
> remote_smtp:
> 	driver = smtp
> 	headers_remove = "sender"
> 	transport_filter = "/usr/local/bin/outfilt"
> end
> by sending various test mails, i know that sometimes at least the "sender"
> header is successfully removed (or in any case, it doesn't appear on the
> recipient's copy)...other times, the header:
> Sender: london@pieno.panix.com
> is included and mail is successfully delivered despite the fact that
> london(my local username)@pieno(my local machine)panix.com(my isp) is a
> non existent address...other times, the much more serious problem that 
> mail leaves my machine (no indication of rejection in mainlog, rejectlog,
> or paniclog) and never arrives at its destination occurs (without
> notification to me).
> thanks again for taking a look at this problem, and my apologies if the
> solution has already been posted or is otherwise obviously evident. any
> help will be appreciated.
> peter 
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