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Re: Problem with open_1.40-10_i386.deb

Is there really no-one who can help me?  I've asked this question in a
number of fora now and I am getting sort of desperate.  It is not so much
the fact that it dowsn't work, but more that there is stuff going on on my
computer that no-one seems to understand...  Even if you can't help me,
just a pointer to someone who could would be great.

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Big Gaute wrote:

> I'm a fairly satisfied Debian 2.1 user.  I recently installed the
> open_1.40-10_i386.deb package in order to be able to run commands on other
> VCs without having to log on to them first, and possible to put it in init
> as outlined in various places (so that you can spawn a new VC with alt-up
> etc.)  My problem is:  it plain doesn't work!  The new console pops up, but
> the new console does not accept any input, nor is there any output.
> If I do a ps af, I get:
>  2585   2 S    0:01 -bash
>  2879   2 R    0:00  \_ ps af
>  2868   8 S    0:00 /bin/bash
> (various garbage deleted.)
> The VC which pops up is no. 8, and there does appear to be a bash
> connected to it. What's up?
> Another problem (although vastly less annoying) that I have had is
> X related - when I close X (I use startx,) I am left with an "empty" VC.
> My intution tells me that these might be related, though I wouldn't know.
> Does anyone have a clue about what's going on?

Big Gaute

"Ferjestrekninger er i de fleste tilfelle et tegn på at det bor folk på
steder der det ikke burde bodd folk. Urbanisering er som i alle andre
tilfeller løsningen på problemet."
        Geir Hogro i no.prat.politikk, 1999

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