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Re: more info on cfdisk problem

With a disk this size, you probably cannot use cfdisk.  You might be
able to use fdisk instead (at the point in the installation process
where you are asked to invoke cfdisk, hit alt-F2 and enter and you will
receive a shell prompt, from which you type 'fdisk').  

If fdisk does not recognize the drive geometry (it probably will not),
you will have to use the expert mode for this.  See the Large-Disk
mini-HOWTO at ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/mini/Large-Disk
for more information. 


On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 09:09:11AM -0600, Duggan Dieterly wrote:
> here is the posting that i sent yesterday.  it directly relates
> to the problem i'm having with cfdisk.
> i am trying to install debian linux.  i got the distribution from the
> 'Debian GNU/Linux Guide to Installation and Usage' book.
> i followed the instructions using FIPS to partition my hard drive.  the
> drive is a 25 GB drive.  the partitioning of DOS partitions seems to have
> worked okay.  i am running windows 98 second edition, and the operating
> system recognizes the smaller disk partition after running FIPS.  FIPS
> seems to have written the partition table okay because i can run FIPS -t
> and it works fine.
> when i run linux cfdisk, i go to partition the hard drive to create linux
> partitions, and i get the following message:
>         FATAL ERROR:  Bad primary partition
>     Press any key to exit fdisk
> i can 'view partitions' with cfdisk.  it shows me that there are 2 FAT32
> partitions on my hard disk.
> so, what's up with this??
> any help would be greatly appreciated.
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