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Newbie needs Help!

Hi everyone,

I didn't get much responses the last time I post this message, but
probably because the people who know about this problem didn't have chance
to read this. Anyhow I post this message up again and hopefully there will
be someone out there who know how to solve this problem. (I am really
anxious to install the rest of the packages so please help :) )

Ok, here is my problem. I just install "slink" yesterday using the
floppies method because I can't boot from my Matsushita/Panasonic CR-563
CDROM. So I install the base system using the floppy set and everything
went great. I got the base system installed, YES!!!! Anyway, the problem
lies when I try to mount my CDROM and here is what I did:

	First, I added a line in my /etc/fstab file. The line is
              /dev/sbpcd /cdrom iso9660 noauto,ro,user
        and then I try to mount it like this
              mount /cdrom
        but it gives a this message
              special device /dev/sbpcd is not found (something like this)

        I don't know what's wrong, so I modify my /etc/fstab file again
	using this line this time
              /dev/sbpcd0 /cdrom iso9660 noauto,ro,user
        but it still gives me the same message.

I couldn't figure out what's wrong so I uses "modconf" to remove the sbpcd
driver that I've install and then reinstall it, and still it doesn't work.
It gives me the same message when I try to mount it.

I think you guys should know these information;
	When I install the module, it gives me this message
             sbpcd-0 [11]:Drive 0(ID=0); CR-563 (0.81) at 0x340 (type 0)
        and then it tells me to do something with the sbpcd.h file...It
	also tell me to look up linus/documentation/cdrom/sbpcd to information
	but I couldn't find that directory on my base system so can anyone
	tell my where i can read it on-line??

	When I look the /dev directory, I see cdrom as a link to sbpcd and
	I also see a bpcd(don't what this is ).

That's all folks. If anyone can help, please do. I appreciate it.

Thanks everyone.
Tam Ma

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