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Re: How convert PC text to UNIX ascii

At 11:20 AM 8/28/99 +0000, Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho wrote:
>André Bell wrote:
>> Thanks Seth, that's exactly the info I was looking for. My linux pc is not
>> yet networked to my pc so I'm forced to transfer small via floppy for now.
>> I will do a search for dtox and dos2unix.  Looks like neither are a part of
>> debian so I searched the net for them.
>You have "fromdos" which is on utils/sysutils package.

Thanks Nuno, I thought dos2unix and dtox were exactly what I was looking
for, I was wrong. 'fromdos' is what I was looking for.  Thanks for telling
me about it. 'fromdos' works better for me than the dos2unix commands.
'fromdos' actually removed the invalid characters in the file and now the
file runs correctly. dos2unix didn't remove the characters.

Thank again

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