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Re: Tightening security

The best solution would be using ip filters such as ipchains to block the
port from outside users, so no conections at all can be made to the
xserver port. You might also check Xaccess and ensure only ip addresses
that need access to port 6000 have it, which is often only the local


all that busts well ends loosely.

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Andrei Ivanov wrote:

> Hi all. I got a question about security.
> I'm currently running libc2.0.7u, with 2.2.11 kernel, and apache.
> To protect from possible attacks I minimized the number of ports open and
> put up a portsentry. However, when I nmap myself, I see a port 6000
> listening for connections. I believe that is X.
>  Is there any security risk in that, and how would I be abel to protect
> it, because portsentry does not bind to it so it can be protected.
> TIA,
>   Andrew
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