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Compiling servlets for Apache JServ


I probably missed something obvious, but I can't figure out how to compile
servlets for Apache JServ. I have a file called `ServletTest.java' and that
imports the javax.servlet.* packages. When I type `javac ServletTest.java',
it complains that it cannot find the javax.servlet.* packages.

I'm using jdk1.1-dev, and I've downloaded jsdk.jar from Sun's website. My
guess is that I need to somehow specify the path to this .jar file?? I placed
it in /usr/share/java because that's where Apache JServ expects it to be (I'm 
using the Debian package libapache-mod-jserv). How do you specify this path??
I tried setting CLASSPATH but obviously that doesn't work. Or perhaps I need
to download something more than just jsdk.jar??

I tried looking through the docs but can't find anything that helps (got
really frustrated after spending about an hour or more just looking for docs,
both locally and on Sun's website.)


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