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Is this smart HD partitioning?

My Acer Travelmate 512T laptop (Celeron 366, 96 MB RAM), has a 4.6 GB IBM
hard drive in it. I partitioned it as follows...

/dev/hda1 primary Fat32 (1000M)
/dev/hda5 logical Fat32 (900M)
/dev/hda6 logical Fat32 (800M)
/dev/hda7 logical Linux (1000M)
/dev/hda4 primary Linux ext2 (840M)
/dev/hda3 primary Linux swap (100M)

Now I find that the hard drive is constantly "accessed and reset." I mean
that it seems the disk is being accessed for a second, then goes back to
inactivity with an almost crackling noise. If the disk was reading data
this would seem normal, but it happens out of the blue, while there is no
process running that requires disk access.

This happens both under Linux as well as Win98, but it is more pronounced
under Linux. 

I was wondering if it could be because the partitioning I did was too
minute. My idea was to keep all the Fat32 partitions on one side of the
disk, all the Linux partitions on the other.

I was thinking myself to re-partition as follows, just to experiment...

/dev/hda1 primary Fat32 (1000M)
/dev/hda2 primary Fat32 (1700M)
/dev/hda3 primary Linux ext2 (1840M)
/dev/hda4 primary Linux swap (100M)

I have a similar partitioning scheme on my desktop and it works fine. Still
I want to check with you guys first to see if I am on the right train of

-- Hans

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