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ipconfig eth0:1 down doesnt do what i think it would

i have added eth0:1 with the ip of my static ip assigned by my isp, which
is only supposed to be up on the local network when my connection to my
isp goes down. however when my connection comes back up i get ip-up to run

ifconfig eth0:1 down

to remove it except this also removes eth0 which is obviously a bit of a
problem. I would prefer to be forcing any localnetwork connects through
forwarding rules rather than leave the ip up on the local network
interface as eth0:1.

what is the command to just remove eth0:1 without removing eth0

btw if i try ipconfig eth0 up after eth0:1 down removes it, then eth0:1
comes back.

i am just guessing (about to try) tacking eth0 down and adding eth0 again
rather than bringing it up.

whats the correct command to remove eth0:1 without removing eth0


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