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Re: Newbie in need of help with dhcpcd


As for your second NIC, you might try the append command in your
lilo.conf like so:

  append="ether=11,0x300,eth0 ether=10,0x240,eth1"
                ^^^^^^^^            ^^^^^^^^

where the underscored values are your NICs' irq and io addresses.

I am having problems getting dhcpcd up and running on my system
too. ifconfig shows no IP for eth0. 

I discovered that the dhcpcd package is supposed to contain two
different versions of dhcpcd--one for 2.0.x kernels and the other
for 2.1.x (will work for the older kernels too). But I can't seem
to get it work.

>From what I've read, your edit to the config file looks like it
should work.

Hopefully someone will shed some light on this.
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