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Debian-* & procmail recipe

Are you fed up of having six or seven useless lines of text and carriage
returns at the end of each mail from debian-user and the other lists?
Well, fear no more! For a limited period only, you too can have those
lines stripped off -- completely free!

Add the following to your .procmailrc:

--- Begin ---
# Remove last X .sig-lines from debian-* mailing lists
* ^X-Mailing-List:.*debian
   # Debian-user has 6 useless lines
   :0 fbw
   * ^X-Mailing-List:.*debian-user
   | sed -n -e ':a;N;2,5ba;:o;N;P;s/[^\n]*\n//;$!bo'

   # These have 7 useless lines
   :0 fbw
   * ^X-Mailing-List:.*(debian-changes\
   | sed -n -e ':a;N;2,6ba;:o;N;P;s/[^\n]*\n//;$!bo'
--- End ---

# sed -n -e ':a;N;2,5ba;:o;N;P;s/[^\n]*\n//;$!bo'
#                  /^\
#  NOTE: On above line, the digit shown is:
#       (number of lines you want removed)-1

Since I only read a couple of the debian lists, I haven't looked at the
others. It's easy enough to add 'em, though.

I also strip useless headers, but that's easy enough to figure out.

I've got a strange feeling I've messed something up somewhere, so try
not to shout at me if I have, okay?


Kris | sigma9@earthling.net

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