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Is bash as feature-rich as tcsh?

As a long time tcsh-user I am forced to use bash on some machines.
I read the complete man page to find out how to set things up
the way I am used to them from my tcsh setup.

The part I miss most is the context-sensitive TAB-completion, like
complete gv        n/*/f:*.{ps,eps,pdf,PS,EPS,PDF,ps.gz,eps.gz,\
complete mutt  c/-/"(a b c f F H i m n p R s v x y z Z h)"/ c/*@/\$hosts/ \
            c@=@F:$HOME/Mail/@ c@+@F:$HOME/Mail/@ \
            C@[./]@f@ n/-s/x:'<subject>'/ \
            n/-a/f/ n/-f/f/ n/-F/f/ n/-H/f/ n/-i/f/ \
            n@*@'`cat $HOME/.local.users;$HOME/bin/list.mail.aliases`'@
complete rsh    p/1/\$hosts/ c/-/"(l n)"/   n/-l/u/ N/-l/c/ n/-/c/ p/2/c/ p/*/f/

...and so on.

Am I missing something or is bash really not capable of doing that?
Thanks a lot in advance,

PS: We don't have to argue which shell is better for programming.
    I know it's not tcsh. :-)

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