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Re: dselect problem

On 16-Aug-99 Paul Miller wrote:
> Pollywog wrote:
>> I ran dselect in order to add a few packages and to remove some I do not
>> need, like CVS.  Now, dselect insists on removing some packages I never
>> asked it to remove and the worst part is that I cannot seem to fix this
>> with dselect by changing "remove" to "install".
> After selecting what to remove, does a dependancy screen come up in
> dselect? That might be what you are describing above, but can't tell for
> sure.
> You can circumvent the dependancy screen by typing Q (capitol Q) at the
> main screen after selecting which packages you want removed. This will
> tell deselect to bypass the dependancy screen.

I figured out what was going on.  dselect was about to upgrade PERL and
some other packages, and that is why it was going to remove packages I did
not want removed.  I had never seen this before, so I did not know.



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