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Re: Possible to connect win95 to linux using ethernet boards?

Well there is no doubt that both linux and windows use the same tcp/ip, the question
is just what you want to do?  you'll be able to use windows telnet and ftp to gain
access to your debian box (assuming you're running telnetd and ftpd) and if you get
ftp server software for windows you and ftp to the windows box.  I don't think that
samba will work over tcp/ip, someone correct me if I'm wrong.  But what exactly are
you trying to do?  Are you setting up a LAN?  Or are you trying to connect two
machines at different locations via the internet?

-Aaron Solochek

André Bell wrote:

> I'd like to connect my win95 pc to my debian linux system via tcp/ip but
> don't know if there will be compatibility issues.
> In theory it seems it should work smoothly since we can connect all kinds
> of OS's via the internet.  On the otherhand, connecting remote systems may
> not be as easy as dialing up via my isp.
> Anyways I figured I'd better ask before I spent the money just to find out
> different os's cannot connect in a lan or peer-to-peer environment.
> Thanks
> Andre'
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