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Re: xemacs21 questions

On Fri, Aug 13, 1999 at 12:07:18AM +0300, Micha Feigin wrote:

> I just installed xemacs21. It's still running together with xemacs20
> untill it will work fine. (I Installed it because I hoped for some new
> mule support which apperently isn't present yet).
> Anyway, It doesn't recognise any languages.
> When i open c/c++ or tex files for example, it doesn't know how to
> highlight them. I get a mesage (which goes by to fast to read exactly)
> which reads something like can't find c++ major mode

This is because all of the extra features/packages of xemacs have been
split into individual packages as of xemacs21. Go to www.xemacs.org
and read up the section on using and installing packages. I've just
gone through this myself, since the xemacs21 in potato seems a bit
broken in some respects (but I don't know a great deal about xemacs or
emacs in general).

If you need some help installing packages, let me know and I'll tell
you what I had to do to get it all going...

> Also, how do i start deferent modes?
> I ran into the x-symbols package for latex under xemacs and i was
> wondering how to use it.
> I also get a massage when it xemacs starts that it can't turn some font
> strings to font struct.

Don't really know about these, sorry. I'm still learning the finer
side of (x)emacs use atm. I'm trying to figure out why my xemacs21
tells me a bunch of warnings such as:

(2) (warning/warning) Autoload error in:
	Already loaded

When I start it and try to do something (e.g. I hit M-x and it opens
another buffer with a bunch of those warnings)..

Matthew Gregan                                  kinetik@ihug.co.nz

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