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1st Authorized LINUX System Administration course in AZ

Linux System Administration for Network Professionals
The Linux System Administration for Network Professionals course provides
five days of practical, hands-on Linux training. Although the course is not
specific to a particular Linux distribution or vendor, OpenLinux 2.2 is used
in the classroom. The course presents information about using Linux in a
commercial environment. Lab intensive. Includes courseware and OpenLinux 2.2
software. 5 days. 
Target Audience: This course is designed for administrators who work with or
manage Linux.
Prerequisites:  Experience with system administration in another operating
Day 1			
The Linux History			
History of Linux	
Linux Operating System		
Linux OS Architecture Overview		
Installing OpenLinux 2.2			
Preparing for Installation		
Installing OpenLinux		
Troubleshooting Installation		
Upgrading Linux		
Introduction to Administering Linux			
Administering Linux		
Linux Administrative Tools		
Multi-User OS		
Virtual Consoles		
Essential Linux Commands			
MS-DOS to Linux Overview		
Linux Directory Hierarchy		
File Systems		
Getting Help		

Day 2			
Linux Environment			
Linux Devices		
Mounting File Systems		
What is a Shell?		
File Systems Supported by Linux		
Using the MTools to Access DOS Files		
Managing Partitions		
Package Management			
Software Installation		
Managing Packages		
Linux Applications		
Managing Users & Groups			
Introduction to Groups		
Planning a Group Strategy		
Creating Groups		
Implementing Built-in Groups		
Best Practices		
Day 3			
Managing Users & Groups (continued)			
Planning New User Accounts		
Creating User Accounts		
Deleting and Renaming User Accounts		
Managing the User Work Environment		
Best Practices		
Linux Network Services			
DHCP Server
DNS Server		
POP Server		
SMTP Server		
E-mail Gateway		
Time Server		
Telnet Server		
HTTP Server		
FTP Server		
Day 4		
Continuing Linux Network Services			
Interoperating with Microsoft NT			
SAMBA Server		
WINS Server		
Administering Network Printers			
How Documents Print		
Pausing, Resuming & Purging a Printer		
Controlling Print Jobs		
System Initialization			
Overview of Linux Boot Process		
Linux Load Phases		
Managing the Boot Manager		
Troubleshooting Boot Process 
BIOS and the Boot Process		
SysV Initialization		
Day 5			
Continuing System Initialization			
Diagnostic Tools		
Network Errors		
System Errors		
Boot & LILO Errors		
Log File Handling		
Additional Resources		
Appendix materials		

For more information on this course or to register please contact:

> Mike Chadwick
> IKON Office Solutions - Technology Services
> Business Development Manager - Southwest Region
> IKON's Worldwide Winner for Best Practices in Customer Satisfaction
> 2700 North Central Avenue  Suite #900
> Phoenix, AZ  85004
> *
> Direct	(602) 266-8519
> Facsimile	(602) 266-6447
> *
> mikec@ikonedwest.com
> http://www.ikonedwest.com

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