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Re: vim syntax files

:help mysyntaxfile

Personally, I don't bother with that stuff, and just edit the default
global syntax files directly (they're owned by me, not root). I know I
shouldn't do that; however, because I tend not to trust dpkg, I compile
& install vim myself (into /usr/local/), and therefore don't have to
worry about arrogant package programs screwing me up.

BTW, I'm disappointed with vim's default syntax files (specif., C and
Java, although Perl's is actually pretty good); does anyone have or know
where I could find better ones instead of having to hack them myself?

This is not entirely relevant, but I just thought of something: a vi
quine. I've got `2i2i', but that leaves off the esc -- it would take a
lot of fumbling around with ^V's and ^['s to get it right, but it must
be possible....

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