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Re: please someone send me their working exim.conf for ppp?

David Teague <dbt@elentari.cs.wcu.edu> wrote:
> I'd like to be able to fire up PINE and press control-x to send, as
> I can here on my machine at school. That involves setting the
> visible (external) name but with smail, I just don't know how to do
> that. I have heard it is possbile with exim.

Not sure I completely understand what you guys want to do. If your
username on your machine is different to your email username then you
need to change the exim.conf (I see you are using smail, David, can't
help there) at the end where it mentions rewriting. A friend of mine is
'ant' when he logs on to his Linux box, but his email address starts
'akjohnson'. This is what we had to do to the exim.conf: 

# Rewrite From , From;, Sender: och Reply-to:
ant@gmx.net        akjohnson@gmx.net    Ffsr

(Info gleaned from another member of this list BTW!)

Initially Exim will see all outgoing mail as coming from ant@gmx.net and
will rewrite the headers to show it as coming from akjohnson@gmx.net.

The other issue, Fetchmail, is easy. In your .fetchmailrc you need a
line like this:

username scgf is gsmh on this system

This means your IP's POP3 server is expecting a logon as user scgf, but
all mail collected will be processed by your box as if it were for user

Sorry if I have misunderstood what you needed to know.

Take care.

Phillip Deackes
Debian Linux (Potato) 

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