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Re: lynx limit of 10 refresh URLs

[regarding lynx limit of refresh URLs]
Patrick Olson <compman@internetcds.com>:
> I think it is the DEFAULT_CACHE_SIZE parameter in /etc/lynx.cfg for two
> reasons: 
> 1. It appears to default to 10
> 2. It says the "minimum allowed value is 2, for the current document and
> at least one to fetch."  I would tend to guess that it might want to hold
> all the documents in cache until it reaches a final URL.

This made good sense to me, too.  I set it to 20 with the command line
parameter, and it still barfed after ten redirections:

"Redirection limit of 10 URL's reached."

This is a strange one.  Lynx is so configurable, I couldn't fathom this
being a static setting...

Thanks much for taking a stab at it.  Any other guesses?


--Brian Butler

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