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Re: no fixed disk

In article <_D5Blv.A.2rE.Is4q3_@murphy>,
	hmf@softhome.net (tf) writes:
> Hey guys,
> I dual boot, and suspect I picked up a virus that ate somthing 
> important.  I can't get either to windows or my debian partition.
> What I wonder is, how can I restore my mbr, (or do anything,) If I can 
> not boot?  the slink rescue disk does not boot. windows system disk 
> wont either.

What, exactly, happens when you try to boot?
Have you tried the rescue disk before all this happened, so you
know it's ok?
As far as I know, the rescue disk doesn't require anything from
the hard disk, so if even that won't boot you've got more
trouble then just mbr. 


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