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printing again

I am sorry to ask again but I am really stuck here.

If anyone has a working system with an
epson stylus color 740 printer I would be very
grateful for some help.

I would like something like 4 settings.

1: draft text mode
2: high quality text
3: draft pictures
4: high quality pictures 

I really hate asking for help but I can't really
get it to work and a working printer is pretty
high on my list.


apsfilter or magicfilter ?

I did find some .upp files from "Installing the Epson stylus
color 740 under Redhat Linuc 5.2/6.0" web page.
But the page really describe setting it up using RH printtool
and rhs-printfilters package so I am not sure how to convert
this to debian.

I guess that the 3 .upp files (720x720 plain paper, 1440x720dpi Inktjet Paper
and 360x360dpi Plain Paper) should be put somewhere in the ghostscript
dir ?

I guess that printing problems are a quite common newbie thing (at least
if you count the number of help! posts on the net) and I am wondering If
I might not have missed something? Is there a Debian printguide somwhere ?

Any help would be appreciated

Joakim Svensson

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