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Re: Fetchmail and Exim - CRACKED IT!!

*- On  6 Aug, Mark Wagnon wrote about "Re: Fetchmail and Exim - CRACKED IT!!"

> send a message, I couldn't. I can't remember the exact error message (and
> I'm not logged into my Debian box at the moment), but I think it may have
> been related to not being able to relay the message. Would adding
> to my exim.conf file fix that? I didn't elect to relay mail when setting up

Most likely, yes. Another option is to set the local_domains option to
include 'localhost' as well as the name you give your machine. 
relay_domains is for hosts that it thinks aren't local.  If
local_domains is not set at all it takes on the value of 
qualify_recipient which may not be 'localhost' in all cases. If
local_domains is set to empty then no host is considered local.

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