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Re: debian vs redhat

1) Ease of upgrade was a big decider for me (I switched over 2-1/2 years
ago--I can't speak for recent Red Hat releases).  With Debian you can
upgrade a running system.  Red Hat required booting with the equivalent
of a rescue disk in order to upgrade.

2) In spite of all the complaints it gets, I find dselect to be quite
useful, particularly with the apt method.

3) Much better handling of dependencies, even before the existence
of apt.

4) More conservative in introducing recent (and possibly buggy) 
software, such as libc6.  I'm very wary of any Red Hat version *.0
release.  In spite of this, Debian has many more packages.



On Thu, Jul 29, 1999 at 07:21:30PM -0400, Steve Stancliff wrote:
> Hi all,
> I use Debian at home.  At work we are gradually switching from Windows to Linux,
> and a redhat
> system (6 machines) has been running for about 3 months.  In a couple of weeks I
> will be taking over
> as sysadmin of that system, and due to the way the installation have been
> over-customized, I am going
> to reinstall them.  I am going to try and convince my boss that as long as we
> are reinstalling, we
> should switch to Debian.  I have my list of reasons for preferring Debian, but
> maybe there are some
> things I haven't thought of which you can mention.  I am particularly interested
> in hearing from those
> who have administered both dists.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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