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SV: burning potatoe on cd's

> > I though I'd try potatoe, but there are no iso's available (duh..). What
> > I need to burn to install from bootfloppy + cd's? I've found potatoe at
> > fast local ftp site, and my guess is that what I need is att the files
> > the dists/potato/ dir, and also all the packages in the dir's
> There are no potato boot floppies yet.  The simplest thing is probably
> to burn the potato archive to CD, install slink on the machine and use
> your potato archive to upgrade it.

Oki... Basically them same.

> > dists/potato/contrib/binary-i386/, dists/potato/main/binary-i386/ and
> > dists/potato/non-free/binary-i386/. Is this correct? What do I put
> > since this won't fit om a single cd...?
> Take a look at the slink CD production scripts to see how the split was
> done for slink.

Where's that?

> Providing you have enough disk space on the target
> machine, the simplest thing to do will probably be to just partition the 
> archive randomly and then assemble it onto the hard disk when you want
> to upgrade.

I don't have enough to store the entire thing, but wouldn't it work just
kicking in everything on cd's and then dselect would straighten the mess

> If you want to help fix these problems, the boot floppies and CD teams
> are the people to speak to.

How do I get in touch with them?

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