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Re: X11amp for 2.1?

On 28 Jul, Steve Udell wrote:
  |  First of all x11amp is now XMMS www.xmms.org
  |  Second of all potato has a nice .deb of xmms
  |  Third of all StarOffice 5.1 (the 40 doller version on CD) gave me no problems
  |        installing on a potato system, no I didn't even need to put thoes old libs
  |        in to correct. Yes I had problems with the download of 5.0. Let's say I gave
  |        up on thier download versions. Maybe 5.1 download version will work also.
  |  Even used .debs of the JDK version of Jave to make SO java enabled.

I downloaded StarOffice 5.1, and it seems to work better than the 5.0
version I had running on a RH system a while ago.  Admittedly, I don't
use it too much.  But I was glad to see the personal edition database
coming along.  Now, if I could figure out how to use it as a front end
for Postgres!


Eric G. Miller
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