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Re: Adobe Acrobat Reader in slink

Matthew Edwards wrote:
> I downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader for linux and installed it on my Debian
> 2.1 distribution (2.9.9 kernel).  When I tried to run it, first it told me
> it couldn't find various libX... libs.  After i put that dir(/usr/X11R6/lib)
> in the lib search path for the script, it gives me a segmentation fault.  I
> haven't been able to run RealPlayer, or WordPerfect for linux either, for
> similar reasons.  Is there just something wrong with my setup?

These programs often need libs that are in the oldlibs section.
What you need to do is write down the libs that the programs are
complaining about. then point your browser to
http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages then scroll down till you
see the Search Contents of the Latest Release search engine.
Enter the names (one at a time) and search. You'll get a listing
of files and the packages that contain them. Install the packages
you should be good as gold.

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