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Re: Netscape crashing -- a lot.

Adam Shand wrote:
> > Anyway, the problem is that Netscape is quite frequently crashing with a
> > "bus error."  This usually happens when I close a Netscape window
> > (actually, it happens close to half the time when I close a Netscape
> > window), which is painful because I have to either live with an
> > ever-growing number of pop-up ads or risk a crash.  Netscape also
> > crashes when I run very low on virtual memory, with the same error.
> i'm having this problem as well.  it started when i upgraded to netscape
> 4.6.  reverting to libc5 4.51 fixed it but when 4.61 came out with support
> for glibc2.1 i upgraded and i haven't been able to fix it since.  i've tried
> un/stable 4.5, 4.51, 4.6 and 4.61 and they all break.  all of my netscape
> windows disappear (sometimes) when i close a window or try to login to an
> site which requires authentication (pop up window style).
> i was trying to find a pattern among the info people posted but couldn't
> really see one.  did anyone else figure this out?
> - p2-266 128mb ram
> - kernel 2.2.9
> - glibc 2.1.1-13
> - xfree 3.3.1 (vmware 3.3.1 server)
> - windowmaker 0.60.0-2
> - neomagic nmg5
> if anyone has figured anything out i would love to know the solution.
> thanks,
> adam.
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I have found that the cookie file tends to loose new-lines for some of the
entires and then when you attempt to access that site that has the line too long
-- there goes netscape.

Basicly what I mean is that you will get two sites (or more) that should each be
on a seprate line in the cookie file, now on one line, when you try to access
that site and netscape tries to send the cookie it has a fit and crashes.

Try checking each and every line in the cookie file to make sure that you dont
have more than one site listed for each line.
I did this, and corrected the incorrect lines and Netscape has treated me alot
better since.

Gregg Berkholtz

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